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As a veterinary specialist, you've invested in your career and you realize the importance of having in-depth knowledge surrounding a particular field. At VetWorth, we appreciate the value of focused expertise, and our goal is to help you build wealth and achieve the life you want by working together to accomplish your financial and life goals.

We help provide guidance to veterinary specialists in all areas of your finances:

Associate, Emergency, Relief, and Specialty Veterinarians

Throughout the first year of our relationship, we will address what is most important to you.  We often find that veterinary specialists benefit most from:

  • Maximizing income, minimizing taxes
    • Ways to reduce overall student loan payments and plan for repayment or forgiveness
    • Skillful tax planning to reduce your overall tax liability
    • Taking advantage of benefits available to you from your employer
  • Goal funding:  Retirement & other goal funding 
    • Formulating goals and accountability toward achievement
    • Creating a cohesive and coordinated investment strategy
    • Determining the trade-off of retirement vs. other goal contributions
    • Optimizing your savings by utilizing the proper accounts
  • Protecting your family, income & assets
    • Protecting you and your family by properly and adequately insuring your largest asset, your income.
    • Proactive Estate Planning - determining the need for a trust, ensuring proper legal documents are in place

    With our open door policy, you can feel comfortable reaching out with any questions you have about your money.  We’re here to help!


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    Are you a veterinarian considering independent practice ownership? At FivePoints, we specialize in helping veterinarians on their path toward becoming a practice owner (and current practice owners!).

    When you work with us, you can expect a collaborative relationship where we'll work together to prepare and organize your personal finances, develop your vision and business plans, and assemble your support team to set you up for success!

    You are passionate about providing the best care possible for your patients, and could not imagine working in another profession. But between being burdened by student loans, high debt-to-income ratios, and burnout, you wonder what the future holds for you in veterinary medicine.

    You may be asking yourself:

  • Is practice ownership something I should consider?
  • Am I able to become a practice owner with high student loan debt?
  • How do I even begin the process of purchasing or starting a practice?
  • Should I sacrifice savings today to pay down student loans?
  • Who can I trust to join me on my financial journey?

    At FivePoints, our specialization in working with veterinarians provides us with unique insights into the veterinary profession and equips us with the resources necessary to deliver expert advice customized to your individual circumstances. We welcome you to schedule an Introductory Call to see how we can work together to help you succeed.

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    Associate, Emergency, Relief, and Specialty Veterinarians

  • Lifestyle Cash Flow Management
  • Student Loan Planning
  • Goals Visualization
  • Coordinated Investment Advice
  • Skillful Tax Planning
  • Retirement/College/Savings Planning
  • Risk Management (Life, Disabiity, Liability)
  • Proactive Estate Planning
  • Open-Door Policy
  • If you are exploring practice ownership, we'll also provide:

  • Assistance in preparing financial statements requested by lenders
  • Advice on how debt may impact your purchase/start-up decision
  • Insight into evaluating lenders and what documents/information they need
  • Guidance with developing your vision and business plan, and knowing your 'why'
  • Collaboration with assembling your support team on the path to success!
  • Veterinary Practice Owners/Managers

    In addition to the services listed above, we provide the following advice for practice owners/managers:

  • Setting up retirement plans and exploring employee benefits to improve retention
  • Ensuring proper business insurance policies are in place and adequately covered
  • Organizing your accounting procedures
  • Improving your work/life balance
  • Increasing practice efficiencies
  • Operating a more profitable practice
  • What can you expect when working with FivePoints?

    Our collaborative and modular approach to financial planning allows for more productive meetings without feeling overwhelmed. During the initial year, you can expect 4-6 meetings focused on particular areas of your finances and goals. Once your financial foundation has been established, subsequent years consist of 3-4 meetings where we will review and adjust as necessary, but still maintaining our open-door policy and communications.


    Our fees are calculated based on a combination of income, marketable net worth, and complexity. We operate on a fixed-fee annual retainer basis, payable either monthly or quarterly. The minimum annual fee is $3,000 for non-owner veterinarians, and $5,000 for practice owners, with an initial engagement fee of $750.

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